CeQur Simplicity

Easy to teach, learn, and use1,3

Simplify Mealtime Insulin Dosing

How To Prescribe CeQur Simplicity

prescribing needs
  1. CeQur Simplicity 10-Pack
  • Write “CeQur Simplicity 2U Patch, 10 Pack”.
  1. Vial Of Rapid-Acting Insulin
  • Labeled for use Humalog® U-100 or Novalog® U-100. Insulin sold separately.
  1. Get Your Patient Started With A Starter Kit
  • Each patient will receive a Starter Kit.
  • Kit includes the reusable Inserter needed to apply the Patches (Note: Inserter is provided only in the Starter Kit).
  • Starter Kits are available from your CeQur Representative or by calling CeQur Care at 1-888-55-CeQur (1-888-552-3787).

2 Patches


1 Inserter (reusable)

patient guides

Quick Start Guide & User Guide

change reminder stickers

CHANGE BY Stickers

dose counting card

Dose Count Card

woman in pool

CeQur Simplicity Training

84% said training was easy

of users said training was EASY3

95% said easier to dose than pen or syringe

of users said EASIER than pen or syringe for dosing3

most trained in less than 30 minutes

Most needed LESS THAN 30 minutes of training7

Confidence Comes Quickly

most people

Most users said that they felt fully comfortable applying the Patch after just 1–3 applications.3

CeQur Simplicity Patch Application Training Videos

Let's Get Started!

The Quick Start Guide video has been developed to help you understand the proper application and use of CeQur Simplicity 3-Day Insulin Patch. Please use this helpful resource to review and refresh training.

For convenience, shortcuts to the individual steps are provided below.

Help At Your Fingertips

Please access the CeQur Simplicity Quick Start Guide in a step-by-step format for easy access and use. You can watch the full video above, or select the specific chapter for a quick review below.

1. Prepare

The first step is to prepare and gather all of your items that you need to start using the Patch.

2. Fill

Learn how to fill the Patch with insulin.

3. Prime

Learn how to prime the Patch to release the air bubbles.

4. Sticker

Use stickers to remind you when to change the Patch.

5. Prep Site

Learn what to do to prepare your site for application.

6. Apply

Learn how to apply your Patch.

7. Dosing

Learn how to deliver insulin doses.

8. Safety

Learn about the safety features of the Patch.

Important Things to Remember

  • Please read all instructions before using your CeQur Simplicity Patch.
  • Use the Patch only with U-100 rapid-acting (mealtime) insulin: Humalog® or NovoLog®.
  • Use your Patch for bolus insulin needs at mealtimes and snack times, or for correcting high blood glucose.
  • DO NOT fill your Patch with long-acting insulin or any other insulin or medication.
  • DO NOT directly expose your Patch to oils, lotions or sunscreen.
  • Refer to User Guide for additional information.

Training Checklist

The CeQur Simplicity Training Checklist provides an easy way to make sure each step of the training has been successfully completed. Download a copy today.

Download the Training Checklist

Essential Learning Materials

A variety of printed materials are available from your CeQur representative. If you run out of materials, or prefer to use electronic formats, they are also available below for easy downloading and printing.

Quick Start Guide
User Guide
Training Checklist
Dose Count Card
Detail Aid
CeQur Simplicity Intro
Treatment Satisfaction Presentation

Frequent Questions About CeQur Simplicity

About CeQur Simplicity
CeQur Simplicity is a 3-day wearable insulin Patch designed to deliver rapid-acting insulin at mealtimes, snack times, and when glucose levels are high. The Patch is intended for subcutaneous (under the skin), delivery of rapid-acting insulin for the management of diabetes in adults requiring insulin. The Patch is compatible with either NovoLog® (aspart) U-100 or Humalog® (lispro) U-100 insulin. The Patch is applied to the abdomen (belly) with a reusable Inserter, and insulin is delivered by squeezing the two buttons on the sides of the Patch. The buttons can be squeezed through clothing. Each squeeze delivers 2 units of insulin through a small flexible tube called a cannula placed just below the skin. The Patch can be worn while bathing, showering, swimming, exercising, and sleeping. The Patch holds up to 200 units of insulin. The Patch should be thrown away after using it for 3 days and replaced with a new Patch.
CeQur Simplicity is a simple, discreet, three-day wearable insulin Patch that delivers injection-free mealtime insulin doses. CeQur Simplicity is slim, sleek, and virtually unnoticeable under clothing, allowing people to dose in any situation.
CeQur Simplicity is available in the United States. Please check with your healthcare professional to determine availability in your specific area of the United States.
No, CeQur Simplicity requires a prescription and training from a healthcare professional.
CeQur Simplicity is covered by the majority of Payers. Please refer to your individual plan or speak with your insurance company, healthcare professional, or pharmacist about your specific insurance coverage.
For CeQur Simplicity Users
CeQur Simplicity has been studied for use in adults over the age of 21 who have been diagnosed with diabetes. The system is not intended for use in pediatric patients.
CeQur Simplicity doses rapid-acting insulin in 2-unit increments. Please contact your healthcare professional to determine if CeQur Simplicity is right for you.
If you are a first-time user of CeQur Simplicity , it is important that you meet with your healthcare professional before use. Do not use CeQur Simplicity until you have been trained on its proper use.
You should replace the Patch at least once every 3 days (72 hours), before running out of insulin, or as instructed by your healthcare professional.
If you need to take more than 180 units of rapid-acting insulin over 3 days, you will replace your Patch in less than 3 days (72 hours).
CeQur Simplicity Patches should be stored in a cool, dry place between 50 to 77°F (10 to 25°C) and 15 to 95% relative humidity. Extreme heat or cold can damage Patches and cause Patches to malfunction.
CeQur Simplicity can be worn during all normal daily activities, including showering, swimming, sleeping, and exercising. CeQur Simplicity has an IPX7 rating and is water resistant to a depth of 3 feet, 3 inches (1 meter) for up to 30 minutes.
The introducer needle (red cap) and fill syringe needle should be placed in a sharps container and thrown away according to local regulations. The CeQur Simplicity Patch itself contains no sharps and should be thrown away according to local environmental regulations for medical waste.
The Inserter should be cleaned by wiping with soapy water. Rinse away the soap with clean water and allow the Inserter to air dry.
Please contact CeQur Care at 1-888-55-CeQur (1-888-552-3787) or cequrcare@cequr.com for assistance.
Review the airline’s security requirements and carry with you a copy of the letter from your healthcare professional explaining that you need to carry insulin supplies to make the screening process go smoothly.
For additional information and assistance, CeQur Care is available between 9 am to 6 pm EST, Monday through Friday at 1-888-55-CeQur (1-888-552-3787) or cequrcare@cequr.com.
Healthcare Professionals FAQ
CeQur Simplicity is intended for subcutaneous delivery of rapid-acting insulin for managing diabetes in adults requiring insulin. CeQur Simplicity has been studied for use in adults over the age of 21 who have been diagnosed with diabetes. CeQur Simplicity is not intended for use in pediatric patients. CeQur Simplicity delivers rapid-acting insulin in 2-unit increments. Therefore, appropriate candidates should be able to receive insulin doses in 2-unit increments.
In a randomized controlled trial with 278 participants, 89% of healthcare providers reported that it took less than 30 minutes to train participants on the use of the Patch.
In a market acceptance evaluation of CeQur Simplicity, 100% of users were able to learn to use CeQur Simplicity following training by a healthcare professional, 84% agreed that CeQur Simplicity was easy to learn to use, and 88% were fully comfortable using CeQur Simplicity after 1-3 Patch experiences.
The Starter Kit includes a User Guide, Getting Started Guide, three CeQur Simplicity Patches with fill syringes, one reusable Inserter, Dose Count Card, and CHANGE BY stickers.

A CeQur Simplicity prescription includes a Getting Started Guide, ten CeQur Simplicity Patches with fill syringes, Dose Count Card, and CHANGE BY stickers.

Insulin is not provided. A vial of insulin should be filled with a prescription through the pharmacy.
Product FAQ
CeQur Simplicity has been tested by the manufacturer and found to be safe for use with Humalog® (lispro) U-100 and NovoLog® (aspart) U-100 insulins.
The Patch holds a maximum of 200 units of rapid-acting insulin and requires a minimum fill of 100 units. Twenty units of insulin is required to prepare and prime each Patch. Therefore, each Patch has 180 units of usable insulin.
No, insulin is prescribed and sold separately.
No, the CeQur Simplicity Patch should not be prefilled. The Patch should only be filled just before it is applied. The Patch is sterile in its unopened, undamaged package. A previously opened or damaged Patch may cause infections or other problems around the Patch application site.
No, CeQur Simplicity does not track insulin doses at this time.
The buttons will lock when the reservoir is empty or the cannula (tube) that delivers the insulin is blocked.
Squeezing one button will not deliver any insulin. The Patch requires an intentional and simultaneous (at the same time) 2-button squeeze. Both buttons located on opposite sides of the Patch must be completely squeezed in at the same time to deliver insulin. Squeezing 2 buttons at the same time requires a deliberate action, which is a safety feature to protect against accidental insulin delivery.
An audible and tactile click confirms each time a 2-unit insulin dose is administered, which means you can hear and feel when a dose is delivered.
The Patch should not be filled with more than 3 days of insulin, even if the drug manufacturer’s instructions state a longer period of time. Rotating or changing the Patch site at least every 3 days is necessary to lower the risk of infection and to ensure proper absorption of insulin.
No, it is not possible to refill an empty insulin reservoir in the Patch.
No, the Patch is designed for single use only and should not be reused due to an increased risk of infection, malfunctions, and/or incorrect insulin delivery.
An empty CeQur Simplicity Patch is 2.5 inches (63 millimeters) long, 1.4 inches (35 millimeters) wide, 0.3 inches (8 millimeters) high, and weighs 0.4 ounces (10 grams).
The cannula, or the small, flexible tube that delivers insulin under the skin, has a 23 gauge (0.64 millimeter) outside diameter and a 27 gauge (0.41 millimeter) inner diameter. The length of the cannula is 0.2 inches. (6 millimeters).
Yes, the Inserter is reusable. Do not throw the Inserter away.
The Inserter is 3.7 inches (95 millimeters) long, 2.2 inches (57 millimeters) wide, and 1.8 inches, (45 millimeters) high, and weighs 2.5 ounces, (71 g).
The underside of CeQur Simplicity has an adhesive that is designed to adhere to the skin for up to 3 days.
While in use, do not expose the Patch to extreme temperatures, such as a hot tub, a sauna, or freezing conditions. The operational specifications for CeQur Simplicity are temperature: 41 to 104°F (5 to 40°C), humidity: 15 to 95% relative humidity, and atmospheric pressure limits: 700 to 1060hPa (0.7 to 1.05 ATM).
No, CeQur Simplicity may not be worn in a Magnetic Resonance (MR) environment or during radiation for diagnosis or treatment because there is a small piece of metal in the Patch.

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Humalog® is a registered trademark of Eli Lilly and Company. NovoLog® is a registered trademark of Novo Nordisk A/S.