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Mealtime insulin is rapid-acting insulin that is taken right before meals and snacks. It is sometimes referred to as bolus insulin and is used to lower blood sugar spikes that can occur when people with diabetes eat. It begins to work in about 15 minutes and lasts for approximately three hours.

Here are some common challenges faced by people with diabetes who need mealtime insulin and rely on multiple daily injections

Will only administer insulin at home1

Left their insulin at home2

Knowingly miss their insulin injections3

Missing insulin doses has been shown to raise A1C and increase risk of diabetes complications. CeQur Simplicity encourages adherence and has shown to reduce A1C to less than 7% and increase time-in-range by 50%4,5

Declare your independence with CeQur Simplicity and live life on your terms

CeQur Simplicity’s wearable insulin patch is the injection-free way to deliver mealtime insulin

The CeQur Simplicity 3-day wearable insulin patch is revolutionizing mealtime insulin delivery. It’s designed to make it easier for people with diabetes to follow their insulin regimen, removing known barriers to mealtime insulin dosing. You can now say goodbye to multiple daily injections and enjoy the freedom of more convenient, discreet, and injection-free mealtime insulin dosing.4

Reduce Mealtime Insulin Worries with the CeQur Simplicity Wearable Insulin Patch

It’s time for change! No more uncomfortable or inconvenient situations. No more worries about forgetting your insulin or needles to dispose of. With CeQur Simplicity on your side, you can declare your independence and manage mealtime insulin delivery on your terms.

88% of patients said that they follow their insulin regimen better with CeQur Simplicity than with an insulin syringe or pen6

CeQur Simplicity empowers people with diabetes to manage their insulin delivery on their terms

No more inconvenience. 88% of patients follow their insulin regimen better6
No more injection pain. 90% of patch users reported mealtime insulin painless4
No need to feel overwhelmed. 95% of patients found CeQur Simplicity easier to use than a syringe or pen6

Mealtime Insulin Delivery Options

Mealtime insulin can be administered through several delivery systems, but only CeQur Simplicity has been shown to address the known barriers to mealtime insulin dosing and adherence.

CeQur Simplicity Patch​
The discreet CeQur Simplicity patch delivers injection-free mealtime insulin and bolus correction without a syringe, pen, or pain.4 Always there, always ready.
Insulin Syringe

Using a syringe requires a vial of insulin, drawing the insulin into the syringe, and other supplies to administer. Syringes are not as discreet as some other insulin delivery methods.

Insulin Pen

An insulin pen is preloaded with insulin and requires needles and other supplies to administer. Pens are a more convenient option than syringes.

Insulin Pump

An external insulin pump delivers variable amounts of insulin to account for what you eat. This requires rigorous training and programming of the pump to start usage.

Inhaled Insulin

Inhale insulin with pre-measured rapid-acting insulin packets that is absorbed in the lungs.

Which Mealtime Insulin Delivery Option Is Right for You?

Still not sure if the CeQur Simplicity wearable insulin patch is right for you? Use our brief questionnaire to find out.

Is your A1C greater than 8%?

Is your time-in-range (TIR) less than 70%?

Are you looking for an easier mealtime insulin delivery option?

Do you dislike injections?

Have you ever forgotten your syringe or pen at home?

Is it inconvenient for you to inject at work or in public settings?

Do you want to carry less items daily?

Please remember that the CeQur Simplicity wearable insulin patch does not replace the need for basal insulin, which may be necessary to treat your diabetes.