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CeQur® is a medical device company committed to simplifying the lives of people with diabetes by revolutionizing insulin-delivery solutions.

CeQur is bringing CeQur Simplicity to market, a simple-to-use insulin-delivery patch that makes it easier for people living with diabetes to live life on their own terms. Our simple, 3-day, wearable patch provides freedom from multiple daily insulin injections.

CeQur Values


We are solely focused on and work tirelessly to bring innovative solutions that simplify life and help people with diabetes successfully manage their diabetes.


We are confident that our simplified insulin solutions will enable people with diabetes to adhere to their therapy and thereby improving their quality of life and control.


Our simplified insulin solutions are backed by extensive knowledge, experience, and clinical data, so healthcare professionals and people with diabetes know exactly what to expect when they use our products.

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Current Openings

Position: Senior Manufacturing Engineer
Location: Columbia, SC

Position: Senior Quality Assurance Specialist
Location: Columbia, SC

Position: Manager, Quality Operations
Location: Columbia, SC

Position: CeQur Cares™ Clinical Specialist
Location: Remote

Position: Territory Manager
• Albany, NY
• Charleston, SC
• Jacksonville, FL
• Knoxville, TN
• Oklahoma
• Sacramento, CA
• Western Michigan
• Virginia