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CeQur Simplicity CliQuers have taken control of their diabetes and found freedom from multiple daily injections, with the effortless, wearable patch for mealtime insulin.

Who Has CeQur Simplicity on Their Side?

Our CeQur Simplicity CliQuers do. Explore our CliQuers’ real-life stories, and learn how our wearable insulin patch is revolutionizing their lives.

Testimonials represent the experiences for each particular patient. Each patients’ experience may differ. CeQur Simplicity is labeled for use in adults over the age of 21 who have been diagnosed with diabetes. The system is not intended for use in pediatric patients.

Are You Ready to Join the Revolution?

Connect with other CeQur Simplicity CliQuers on social media, and share how you’re enjoying your newfound freedom. As a member of our close-knit group of CliQuers, you’ll enjoy sharing your story and learning from others.

Remember to use #weartherevolution when posting!