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A Simple-to-Use Mealtime Insulin Patch

It’s easy to join the injection-free revolution. You need less than 30 minutes of training to learn how to use the CeQur Simplicity wearable insulin patch.1 In fact, 84% of people say training was easy and most said they were fully confident applying the patch after just 1-3 applications.1

9 out of 10 patients prefer CeQur Simplicity over pens and syringes1

90% of users reported mealtime insulin painless with our wearable insulin patch2

Preparing CeQur Simplicity to Be Right by Your Side

1. Fill

Use the syringe to fill the patch with a 3-day supply of insulin. CeQur Simplicity holds up to 200 units of rapid-acting insulin*

*Labeled for use with Humalog® U-100 and Novolog® U-100

2. Apply

Use the Inserter to apply the patch to your abdomen for up to three days of wear and injection-free dosing

3. Dose

Remove the Inserter, and you are ready. When an insulin dose is needed, simply squeeze the two buttons on the top and bottom of the patch

Ready to Become Part of the Injection-Free Revolution?

CeQur Simplicity makes it easier for people with diabetes to live life on their own terms.