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CeQur® announced that the company has appointed Bradley Paddock as chief executive officer, effective today. Paddock brings a track record of commercial medtech successes, notably leading sales up to $600 million during his eight-year tenure at Kyphon, Inc. Paddock also managed successful commercial operations for multiple industry-leading companies, including Stryker, Bausch + Lomb, Inc., and Medtronic, Inc.
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CeQur® announced the appointment of Peter B. Luther to its board of directors, effective immediately. Luther is a 29-year veteran of the medical device and diagnostics, OTC drugs and consumer-packaged goods industries.
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The Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology paper summarizes data from multiple studies of the PAQ basal-bolus insulin delivery device and how it helps overcome barriers to insulin delivery to meet the needs of people with type 2 diabetes and their healthcare providers.
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The Journal of Health Economics and Outcomes Research published findings from a long-term cost-effectiveness evaluation of continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) with CeQur’s PAQ® Insulin Delivery Device as compared to multiple daily insulin injections (MDI) for people with type 2 diabetes.
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CeQur® today announced that the journal Diabetic Medicine published the findings from two studies evaluating the company’s PAQ® Insulin Delivery Device among people with type 2 diabetes. The data demonstrate that the simple three-day, wearable PAQ basal-bolus insulin delivery device significantly improved glycemic control among people with type 2 diabetes who transitioned to the device. Study participants also reported increased treatment satisfaction with the PAQ basal-bolus insulin device as compared to insulin injections.
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CeQur® today announced that the company has acquired select assets of Calibra Medical, Inc., one of the Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Care Companies. The transaction includes an exclusive worldwide license for the wearable, on-demand insulin delivery system previously known as OneTouch Via. The Calibra system enables people with diabetes to discreetly and conveniently deliver rapid-acting insulin at mealtime.
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These articles are not controlled by CeQur, but you may find them useful to learn more about diabetes and CeQur.

ADA PosterJune 16, 2020
"High Treatment Satisfaction with 3-day Insulin Patch is Independent of Patient Demographics: A Post-Hoc Analysis" — a presentation at the American Diabetes Association 80th Scientific Sessions

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ArticleJune 6, 2019
The Wider View: With new CEO in place, CeQur primed to PAQ a punch in diabetes market

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ArticleJune 5, 2019
CeQur CEO Robert Farra transitions to chief technology officer, succeeded by Bradley Paddock

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ArticleJuly 19, 2018
Two New 'Wearable Pen' Insulin Devices Coming Soon

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